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Random Access Memory

Random access memory is a type of data storage which stores machine code as well as data which is currently being used. Also known as RAM, this memory device allows data to be read as well as written in approximately the same time duration irrespective of where the data is located within the memory. This feature of RAM is in direct contrast to other forms of data storage like CD-RWs, hard disks, DVD-RW, drum memory and magnetic tapes. In each of these storage devices, the time required for reading and writing data varies significantly with the physical locations of the data within the medium.

Random access memory contains demultiplexing and multiplexing circuitry for connecting the line of data to the storage that has to be addressed for writing and reading the specified entry. In most cases, over one bit of storage is accessed by same addresses. Usually, RAM devices have multiple lines of data and are considered to be 16-bit or 8-bit.

In the present day technology, RAM undertakes the form of integrated circuits. Generally, it is associated with memory storage devices that are volatile in nature where stored information cannot be retrieved if the source of power is removed. Non-volatile types of RAM memory has also been developed. 

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