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Raid 1

Commonly referred to as Mirroring RAID Level 1, Raid 1 is pure data mirroring implementation. It provides you tolerance, though it minimizes the use capacity in the half and provided impeccable I/O performance and throughput. Often, it is utilized in the servers for system partition as well as to enhance reliability, however, users can get performance boost right from RAID Level 1.50% of purchased space would be utilized for duplication.
Generally, it is deployed as mirroring. The drive contains the duplicate data on different drives utilizing software or hardware RAID controller. In case one drive fails, the other drive continues to work as a single drive until the time failed drive get replaced. It is popular among those, who need fault tolerance. 

Controller Requirements: Maintained by the hardware controllers, namely IDE/ATA and SCSI as well as many software RAID solutions.

Array Capacity:  Smaller size drive.

Hard Disk Requirements: Just two hard disks. Any kind can be utilized, but they must be identical.

Storage Efficiency: Around 50 percent if same size drives are being used, otherwise (Smaller size drive) or (Small + Large Size Drive).

Fault Tolerance: Excellent and duplexing is even better.

Availability: Great. Most of the RAID controllers, including low-end ones would support automatic rebuilding and hot sparing of RAID 1 arrays.

Rebuilding and Degradation: Small degradation of write as well as read performance will actually increase. Relatively, rebuilding is fast.

Random Read Performance: Decent. Better than the single drive, however not good as of other RAID levels.

Random Write Performance: Decent. Not good as a single drive, however better than other RAID levels.

Sequential Write Performance: Decent or you can say better than many RAID levels.

Sequential Read Performance: Reasonable. It is almost same as of single drive.

Cost: Owing to the redundant drives, the cost is relatively high. Still, duplexing is costly owing to redundant controllers. 

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