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RaaS stands for Risk Assessment Program as a Service. Many people also call it Risk and Health assessment program as a service. To understand RaaS, it is important to know what RAP is. RAP stands for Risk Assessment Program, which is essentially a service provided by Microsoft for diagnosing as well as troubleshooting potential issues that are come across by an enterprise. When RAP is offered online as a service by Microsoft then it is known as RaaS or RAP as a Service.

How does it work?

First of all, an engineer accredited by Microsoft is assigned the work to remotely collect data from customers. Once the data is collected, the same engineer will make a thorough assessment as well as evaluation. Now, the assessment is submitted by the engineer through the help of the cloud to the customers. The information is sent to the customer in encrypted form so that no other person other than the customer can read it.

What are the issues generally discussed in RaaS?

The generally discussed issues that are discussed in the Risk Assessment Program as a Service (RaaS) include frequency of screen hanging, slow booting, server crashes, transaction speed, and many other issues similar to these. Technical Account Manager of the client is assisted by the assigned Microsoft engineer with proper advice as well as recommendations so that the client gets the best performance always. 

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