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Quad Core

Computers having four cores in its central processing unit (CPU) is termed as quad-core. It basically is a chip where these four cores work independently reading and executing the instructions that are sent from the CPU. These four cores run simultaneously and can execute multiple tasks as laid out thus increasing the overall speed of the computers.

Quad-core does not necessarily mean it works four times as fast as a single core does or twice as fast as a dual-core. It means it has the capabilities to do multiple tasks at a time and the turnaround time for performing the tasks is much faster. They are now widely being used not only in computers but also in smartphones and tablets.

Quad-core processors offer many advantages. It is most suitable for multi-tasking and can perform effectively with ease. They can deliver faster performance for intensive applications like video editors, graphics, images and anti-virus programs at the same time. The chips are compact and energy efficient and generate less heat. It is more durable and can be used for a longer time.

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