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Public Key Encryption

Public key encryption is a mechanism where a message is converted and sent across a network. The sender encrypts the message using the public key while the receiver uses the private key to decrypt the message. It is known as the cryptographic system where the public key is a common key known to everyone while the private key is only known to the receiver. Public key encryption is a standard adopted to safeguard the communication exchanged from tampering, eavesdropping and being misused by unscrupulous elements. By encryption and decryption, the communication is transmitted from the sender is deciphered only by the recipient. Even if intercepted while the message is in transit, it is unreadable and safe from being misused. 

Public key cryptography has the technique of tamper detection by which the recipient of the communication can verify that it has not been tampered with while in transit and any trials of modifying or tampering can be detected.  Public key encryption is a popular mode to transmit any confidential and sensitive information in a secure way. 

Public key encryption has the capabilities of authentication and certifications. The certificate is an electronic document that identifies an entity (individuals, servers or organizations) with a public key and comes as protection against impersonation. The certificate is issued by a certificate authority(CA) who follows a published verification process before issuing the certificate.  Public key certified by the CA has his digital signature and carries the user’s name and certificate expiry date. Authentication is a type of identifying the origin of the message. The recipient can confirm the sender’s identity which acts as a proof in case the sender denies having sent the message sometimes late. Similarly, server authentication assures the sender that the recipient is the genuine and the right party to whom the message is intended to be sent. 

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