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Public Cloud Hosting

Public cloud hosting is the most widely used cloud computing platform where the hosting providers offer resources and services including storage and applications over the internet to individuals and organizations. Public cloud works like a utility service where the billing works in the pay-as-you-use model. The users subscribe to what they require and are not tied down to any contracts.

Public cloud is scalable on demand. Users can increase their resources with just a few clicks to meet any traffic requirements and discard the services once the peak rush is over. This is one of the biggest benefits of cloud technology. There is no wastage of resources as you are billed only for the services you have utilized. You can access your applications from anywhere and on any compatible device, so long as you have an internet connection.

Public cloud does not require the users to procure or install any hardware/ software. All the hardware, software applications, are provided and maintained by the hosts. Since the cloud servers are at remote locations, the software updates too are automatically taken care. You will be getting the latest versions without the need to update at your end.

The other two models of the cloud technology are called private cloud and hybrid cloud. 

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