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Proxy Server

A proxy server is basically a software system, which runs on a computer, or a dedicated computer that serves the purpose of an intermediary between the computer from which the client forwards a request and an endpoint device. The proxy server can even be present in the same machine as a firewall server. It can also be present on a separate server, which puts across the requests like a firewall.

The prime benefit of the proxy server is that its cache can offer services to all the users. In case one or more than one Internet sites are regularly requested, these are most probably to be present in proxy's cache. This will make a better response time for the user. It is possible for the proxy to log its interactions. This can provide assistance for purpose of troubleshooting.

The working of the proxy server is not complicated. Whenever a proxy server gets a request for an Internet resource like a Web page, what it does is look in its local cache of the previously requested pages. In case it finds that particular page, it sends it back to the user. This is done without forwarding the request to the Internet. In case the page is not present in the cache, the proxy server acts in the capacity of the client on behalf of the user, makes use of its own IP addresses so as to request the page from the server out on the net. When the web page is returned, the proxy server relates the same to the original request. This is then forwarded to the user.

People use proxy servers for both legal as well as illegal motives. In personal computing, the aim of proxy servers is to facilitate user privacy. It also checks anonymous surfing. The user will never be able to see the proxy servers. To them, all requests and returned responses are from the addresses Internet server. 

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