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POP3 is the third and latest version of the Post Office Protocol used for receiving emails. It does the function of a postmaster i.e. of holding a mail until the email receiver picks it up. Once the email is downloaded by the recipient POP3 automatically deletes the mail from the server. But in case the receiver wants the mail to be saved, POP3 can be designed to save and store the file for a certain period of time. The users can download it as many times as they wish within that timeframe. POP services are also referred to as "store and forward services". Yet another new feature with this version of POP is that it allows people to check their email from any computer across the globe though it requires the users to configure their email server program to be supporting the protocol. POP3 mail servers have their independent addresses that are provided by the hosting companies. The address has to be incorporated into the email server for the program to support the POP3 protocol. Port 110 is generally used to connect to POP3. The users register to the POP3 with a user ID and password. POP3 is popular among the users as it does its job with the least errors.

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