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Pligg CMS

Pligg CMS is designed for the big websites it powers thousands of websites and aims towards gathering social news. It is an open source content management system. It helps in managing the unlimited numbers of contributors and authors. This is an excellent platform that offers an outstanding solution for setting at any website, it permits any member to publish news or even submit. The members also get an opportunity to rate the news articles published by the articles based on the content and quality. Thousands of users still use Pligg CMS to make social websites.

A ‘One Click Install’

Pligg was established in 2005 and is known to have large user base the websites built by Pligg CMS gives easy access to the members a permits them to perform several activities. It is certainly a ‘One Click Install’ for many web hosts. Pligg interface allows the users to make choice from the number of templates, extensions, and plugins. The visitors can simply register and start using the software, they can also comment, and share views accordingly.

Pligg comes with limited tools for collaborating due to which it was not very convenient for the users to process. Despite all the problems Plig CMS, that allows the users to make their own social network it can be downloaded and use for free. In addition to this, the software helps the users to create stories and enables the users to create their own social publishing. 

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