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Platform as a service (PAAS)

Platform as a service (PAAS) is a cloud computing environment that developers can use to design and build applications over the internet. The PaaS platform is designed in such a manner that it completely supports rapid deployment, running, and management of applications. These services are hosted in the cloud and the user can access them through their web browser. The benefit of this is an entire team of developers based in different geographical locations can work on the same application.

Developers use PaaS to move their applications from conception to the actual creation, and then to the testing and deployment phases. In this environment, they are completely free to pick and choose from a wide variety of lower level infrastructural features, thus being able to customize the platform for their own needs. They enjoy tremendous flexibility in this matter. Since they would be sharing the underlying architecture, they would enjoy the economies of scale.

The service provider is responsible for supplying and managing the platform, and they offer support as and when required. Also, they take care of automatic upgrades, additional services, and updating regular services too.

These services are payable on a subscription basis. The clients have to pay for just what they use.

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