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Personal Storage Table

Popularly referred to as PST file or showed as .pst, personal storage file is basically Microsoft Outlook Data file that stores the data for Outlook user for various webmail accounts like POP3 and IMAP. It contains all content of email folders like attachments, contacts, appointments, and emails. Personal Storage Table is utilized by each version of Microsoft Outlook, be it Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010. In earlier versions of Outlook, the files were stored in the ANSI formats, however, later Outlook versions store the Personal Storage Table files in the Unicode format. 

Nowadays, in the computing world, PST or Personal Storage Tables is open Microsoft Outlook Data File that is majorly used to save the copies of calendar events, messages of the users and information in Microsoft software, namely Windows Messaging, Microsoft Exchange Client as well as Microsoft Outlook. The open format is completely controlled by the Microsoft which provide free irreversible licenses and specifications for the technologies. 

It is also known as Personal Address Book or Personal Folder File. When it works as a cache for the Cached Exchange Mode feature of Microsoft Outlook, it is known as Offline Folder File or Offline Storage Table. The PST files have maximum 2 GB size in Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002 and in Outlook 2003 and 2007 have maximum 20 GB capacity. Outlook 2010 version may store around 50 GB data. 

The PST files could be shortened by utilizing 'Compact Now' in Outlook's Data File Management section and corrupted Personal Storage Table files could be amended by ScanPST application of Microsoft or via utilizing the third-party app. 

With the Offline Storage Table files, Microsoft Hotmail and MES save the archived versions of the Hotmail or Outlook data of the user on the local system instead of storing on the mail server for offering items available when the servers become not accessible. 

On the contrary to Public Storage Table files, the OST files are committed to the configuration of mail account and could not be opened or backed up separately. 

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