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Personal Hosted Cloud

Through private cloud hosting infra, you can have the personal hosted cloud in which cloud runs according to your terms. It will provide you with pay-per-use services that will let you help in making the payment of those resources which are utilized by you. In the personal hosted cloud, an IT staff of business manages cloud for the employees of a company. Every file or data is managed and stored by a business in the private cloud, while backups are secured or stored off-site. Whenever you need them, you can make the payment for software and infrastructure. In simple words, you just need to log in for personal hosted cloud and you can avail online data storage’ benefits.

In addition, in this cloud, resources are entirely dedicated to the business, be it in your data center or hosted data center facility. Therefore, businesses can enjoy easy customization, better security as well as privacy in comparison to the public cloud. In the personal hosted cloud, you can also save money as you will utilize your equipment and manpower. It appeals to the businesses having great control over the infrastructure and resources as well as having confidence in the IT staff.

Various Cloud Solutions Supporting Creation of Your Personal Cloud:-

1. BitTorrent Sync - It is a way of transferring big files anonymously; however, do you know how to make a personal cloud? In order to do so, you have to configure the folder to act drop-off point to sync all files on devices running on BitTorrent Sync. Supported Platform: Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Kindle Fire, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD.

2. pCloud - It is counted among the most efficient personal cloud hosting solutions. It helps in sharing files in between iOS and OS X. Recently, this program entered in the beta and needs the login to the beta program; however, it looks solid and easy-to-use application in order to create a personal cloud in Apple ecosystem avoiding iTunes.

Supported Platform: iOS, Mac OS X

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