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Perl (Practical Extraction And Reporting Language)

Perl is a script programming language that can be in many tasks like extracting information from text files to print or convert to another form. It also provides tools in providing solutions for problems like system programming. Perl script is a term used to refer to programs written in Perl. The system programs that are used to execute the Perl scripts are called Perl programs. 

Perl is a good option for creating a common gateway interface(CGI) programs. Compared to the other C and C++ languages, Perl is easier to adopt. Perl can be downloaded permanently in memory using a plug-in on Apache servers giving advantages like saving of time and a fast execution of the CGI Perl scripts. Perl 5 is the latest version that has high capabilities with over 25000 extensions and is developed for both rapid prototyping and many developmental projects. It is widely being used on over 100 platforms in different forms. Though a later version Perl 6 has been developed and is a part of the Perl hierarchy it is a separate language with its own individual team of developers. It has no impact on Perl 5. Perl 5 has a mass community of contributors with over 300 local groups and assist with forums, discussions and mailing lists. 

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