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Operating System

Without an interface, you can’t work on a computer. This is where application and effectiveness of operating system (OS) come in a computer or a server. OS works as an interface between a hardware and a user. It is nothing but software performing basic works including management of process, memory, and file; input-output handling, and controlling other related devices like printers, disk drives, and many more. All kinds of program execution also take place through operating systems. Besides these many other functions are also carried out by operating systems and they are security, error detection aids, job accounting, system performance control, and many more.

Operating systems are classified in 5 types and they are multi-user, multitasking, multi-processing, real-time, and multithreading. There are various types of operating systems available and some of the most popular ones you may have heard of are Windows OS, Linux, Mac, and many more. One of the most popular OS is definitely Linux, which is an open source OS that is available at free of cost. Windows OS is the property of Microsoft and is known for providing an excellent graphical user interface (GUI). It also provides users with the benefits of multitasking, virtual memory management, and giving peripheral device support. 

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