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OpenVMS refers to an operating system which has been launched by DEC or Digital Equipment Corporation which runs in Alpha computers and VAX. It evolved from VMS that had been introduced as an operating system designed for the VAX. It uses the principle of virtual memory. It is basically a multi-processing and multi-tasking operating system that s based upon the original VMS. It had to be renamed as OpenVMS when it was being revamped for the Alpha computers. It has been called “open” because it offers support for UNIX interfaces. Earlier it was a 32-bit OS and recent versions can support 64-bit instructions. OpenVMS is compatible with specialized software that will ensure that it can be used on Windows servers. It was primarily designed for use in batch processing, time-sharing, transaction processing etc. It ensures high availability via clustering and the power to distribute it across multiple machines. This explains why the system is also tolerant against calamities which have the potential to disable data processing functions. The OpenVMS has a GUI or Graphical User Interface that was absent in the earlier VMS.

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