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Open Source Cloud

Open source cloud is basically a cloud solution or service which is built utilizing the technology and open-source software. It includes private, hybrid or public cloud model which is built on PaaS, IaaS, XaaS or SaaS, operated completely on the open-source technologies. 

It is developed by making use of open-source software and technologies like –

1. DBMS, frameworks of software development and open-source OS
2. Business apps and open-source workflow
3. Virtualization stack (Virtualization management, hypervisor)
4. Open-source firmware’ hardware

Furthermore, the open-source cloud might also be referred to cloud service which offers open-source services to the businesses or end users. Cloud service providers/businesses have an option to tailor the cloud solution up to a great extent that is not allowed in the closed source models of the cloud. Generally, open-source solutions are interoperable on any of the back-end platform. Also, they can be migrated easily to different IT environment or infrastructure. 

Most of the open-source cloud computing projects usually have huge user bases. Owing to the low barricade of implementing software, numerous people are using the open-source cloud and often community behind software acts as a support system. Usually, these are innovative projects along with hostile release cycles which pushes the technology onward. Even, users examine the upcoming feature release cycle which is based on the business needs of the world. 

It means access to the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and open standards are written against. The transparency in the code base of app helps in increasing the community support and moving innovation forward. 

Across cloud service models like development cloud (Platform-as-a-service), systems cloud (Infrastructure-as-a-service) and user cloud (software-as-a-service), there is the huge number of apps to select from free and commercial open-source offerings. You can notice, most of the open-source projects excel in the purpose due to open and large communities of the developers that are committed to preparing innovative software. 

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