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Open Rack

Open Rack is a normal open server rack that is specifically designed for highly scalable data centers. It is different from the traditional 19-inch rack specification as it comes with a 21-inch wide slot. The traditional racks were not able to fit in three motherboards and the open 21.1-inch rack was designed. This rack can comfortably fit three half-width racks and accommodate a large fan. It facilitates moving air and cooling larger and powerful chips more efficiently.

The open rack is equipped with a bus bar DC power distribution system in the middle of the rack that provides power to the equipment. Since all the network cables and gears including power, power backup, and connectivity are in the front, it ensures safety to the people working on the systems as they need not access the rack backend from where there the hot air flows. This will streamline the process of deployment, managing, and updating the data center that is built on the OCP (Open Compute) model.

Open Rack is an initiative by the Open Compute Project started by Facebook in the year 2011 with the aim of designing and sharing advanced specifications for more efficiency in data centers. 

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