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Octa Core

Octa is a term used for eight. Octa-core means the CPU in a computer has eight independent cores that are meant to not only enhance the performance but would give far more improved results at a quicker speed. It has become a measure to consider the power of smartphones and many users have taken a fancy for it. Smartphone manufactures taking advantage are coming up with devices that have octa-core processors.

Though octa-core has double the number of chips to quad-core it does not necessarily imply that it is twice as powerful. The octa-core chips run on a technology called big.LITTLE that came into force in 2011. It basically enables four low power cores top to operate along with four high performing cores. These two sets of quad-core chips perform based on their nature of tasks. In general, for all regular tasks the lower powered cores are used but when any advanced tasks are needed they shift to the faster set of cores. Octa-core could be referred to as two quad-core units applied together into one single chip that has the advantage of reducing energy consumption effectively. 

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