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Node.js is an open-source cross-platform JavaScript runtime. It is built on Google Chrome’s VB JavaScript engine and is an event-driven architecture with an asynchronous input-output model making a lightweight platform.

Features of Node.js:

- It is a popular platform and coders use it to create APIs and build a new matrix of interoperability across the internet. It does not wait for an API to return data but goes on and moves to the next API. It offers a notification mechanism of the events that help the server get the response from the earlier API.
- Node.js can be used to build highly scalable network applications and can handle multiple connections simultaneously. It becomes dormant when there is no activity.
- It is different from the other models that are in use where OS threads are used. Thread-based networking is comparatively weaker and more complex to use.
- Node.js simplifies the deadlocking process experienced in others. None of the Node.js features perform any I/O so the chances of creating blocks are eliminated.
- Node.js is similar in design to Ruby’s Event machine and python’s Twisted but goes on to improve upon it with an event loop as a runtime constructs instead of creating a library.
- It reduces the overall processing time when it uploads any high-resolution audio and video files as it does not require any buffering to be done.

Node.js is written by Ryan Dahl and it had its first release in 2009. The current version is v7.5 that was released earlier in January 2017. It is released under the MIT license. 

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