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Nginx Hosting

Nginx hosting is open source reverse proxy HTTP web server widely being used for dynamic website content and to control the website server load.  It has come up as a popular web server behind the Apache web server and Microsoft’s IIS. Nginx also has the capabilities to serve as an IMAP/POP3 mail proxy server and an HTTP cache server and load balancer.

Nginx runs on Linux, OS X, BSD, and many more operating systems and is widely installed on the VPS and dedicated servers. It is not offered on a shared platform. Nginx adopts an event-driven architecture (EDA). It is a method that is capable of handling more number of clients on a thread unlike in Apache where one thread is dedicated to one single client. It has the capacity to handle more than 10,000 requests without consuming much RAM while in similar circumstances Apache consumes several hundred megabytes. Nginx is more scalable than Apache and more effective in handling very high load demands and manage traffic spikes. Faster response times, improved surfing experience resulting in higher visitor satisfaction are a few reasons why Nginx hosting has come to stay.

A few reasons why it is better than Apache include its capabilities of handling sudden traffic pressures and ease at which it scales up. Apache quickly runs out of RAM and goes on to adapt swapfiles method which slows down the working speed affecting performance. Nginx has many useful features like handling static files, SSL / TLS encryption, URL rewriting, Virtual host, FLV streaming, custom logging and many more.

Nginx pronounced as engine-x was founded in 2002 by Igor Sysoev a Russian developer and first came into use in 2004 as an HTTP server and in 2011 the company Nginx Inc. was established with offices in Moscow and San Francisco. According to a survey It is said Nginx is used by over 27.61% of the busiest websites.

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