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Network Operations Center

A NOC or Network Operations Center is the location from where network administrators control, monitor and manage one, two or more networks. The main function of NOC is maintaining optimum network operations to different platforms, communication channels, and mediums.

Big network service providers are linked with NOC, featuring networks’ visual representation being monitored and workplaces where the network stations are being monitored. This software is deployed in order to manage networks. Computer networks, television broadcast, and telecommunications are measured via Network Operations Centers.

These are also referred to as Network Management Centers. NOC monitors telecommunication network for certain conditions or alarms which might need special attention to prevent impact on the network performance. It monitors communication line alarms, power failures as well as performance issues which might affect networks. They are capable of performing troubleshooting, analyzing and tracking problems, communicating with the website technicians till the time that problems are resolved. In addition, Network Operation Centers aid as a focal point for software distribution, updating router, and software troubleshooting. Also, NOC caters to domain name management with performance monitoring and affiliated networks.

It includes desk rows’ fronting video walls that display ongoing incidents, alarm details, and network performance. NOC’ back walls are glassy and attached room is utilized by team members who are responsible for trading with disasters or manmade incidents. In Network Operation Centers, technicians have plenty of monitors on the desks along with more monitors which are utilized to handle systems from the desk.

They handle problems in a classified manner; in case a problem is not solved within a stipulated timeframe, next level is speeding up this problem-solving process. Many NOCs have different tiers that define the skills of their technicians. When a problem doesn’t get resolved in a specific time, then it is intensified again to the next level in order to make sure the ideal time resolution of an issue. 

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