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Netiquette is the short form for network etiquettes or internet etiquettes. It can be understood as good manners with which you communicate on the internet. These good communication practices facilitate interactions on the net. It not only includes methods of maintaining civility in discussions online but also offers guidelines that are unique to emails and social media. Thus, it is the etiquette that is important for the is also the practice of good behaviors. It teaches you to be respectful, helpful, being mindful, disciplined but not aggressive and considerate of the fact that others might not hold the same view as you have on some issue. This code of conduct is very important and there is no way that other people would understand you in absence of this there are no facial expressions, body language or personal touch that is involved.

Let us Look at Some Important Netiquettes:

1. Be Honest

Impersonation might taint your image in a big way and can also land you in trouble. One must desist from spamming and scamming people.

2. Obey Copyright 

Don’t use some other person’s work without permission, unless you have got copyrights or licenses for the same. 

3. Do not type in all Caps 

If you use all caps, people might feel that you are shouting at them and it might also be irritable to the eye. Don’t do this for every word, all the time. 

4. Use Proper Spellings & Grammar 

Grammar errors, typos, and spelling mistakes can be annoying for the readers and thus one must try and minimize errors as much as possible. One must be careful and not use too many jargons in one’s writing.

5. The Golden Rule 

Treat others with respect. Respect is reciprocal. If you wish to get respect, give respect. This rule would help you survive both off the net and on the net. 

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