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Multitenancy is defined as an architecture which has a single software app which server various or multiple customers. Every customer is known as a tenant. They might have given the ability to tailor a few application’ parts like business rules or UI (User Interface); however, they can’t customize the code application.

It could be economical as maintenance costs and software development in Multitenancy are shared. It could be contrasted via single tenancy, basically, an architecture which includes a customer with his/her own software and might be given coding access. Through this architecture, the hosting provider just has to make all the updates once. However, with single-tenancy, the provider needs to touch various instance of software to make the updates.

In cloud hosting, Multitenancy architecture becomes wider owing to the new models taking benefit of remote access and virtualization. A SaaS provider can run an instance of the application on database instance and offers online access to various customers/clients. In this case, the data of each tenant is isolated. In addition, the data can’t be seen by other tenants.

Multitenancy Degree

The Multitenancy degree is defined on the basis of the core app/SaaS or layer which is designed in order to be shared in the tenants. Multitenancy’ highest degree permits database that could be shared and supports customized business logic, user-interface layers and workflow. In simple words, it can be explained as SaaS sub-layers which provide multi-tenancy in the degree.

In lowest degree, it is limited to PaaS and IaaS layers along with SaaS layers for every tenant. When talking about Multitenancy’ middle degree, a group of similar tenants shares the database scheme and other app layers. In this level, every user cluster possesses its application and database schema’ version.

Multitenancy could be summed up as the following:

• Highest Degree: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are completely multi-tenant.
• Middle Degree: IaaS, PaaS, and little SaaS groups are multi-tenant.
• Lowest Degree: PaaS and IaaS are multi-tenant; however, SaaS is single-tenant.

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