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Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is defined as a standard which extends format or emails to support the text in character sets apart from ASCII. This refers to the non-text attachments such as video and audio, application programs and images etc. Most of the email clients support MIME which allows them to receive and send graphics, video and audio files across the Internet mail systems. The MIME also supports the messages in character sets. You will come across many predefined MIME types like the GIF files and PostScript files; you can also characterize your own MIME sets. Besides email apps, web browsers are also found to support MIME types and this allows them to show files that are not in HTML formats. So, MIME was mainly designed for extending email formats to message bodies which have multiple parts. It describes the content type in the message and kind of encoding that has been used with headers. The manually written and automated emails are sent in MIME format through STMP. Among the features provided by MIME to the email services are the following:

 - Support for many attachments within one page
 - Support for layouts, colors, and fonts that are described as rich text
 - Support for the non-ASCII characters
 - Support for unlimited message lengths
 - Support for the attachments which can contain executables

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