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MS Windows

Microsoft Windows or MS Windows is the operating system designed for home as well as business computers. It is the most commonly used OS world over and is the brand owned by Microsoft Corporation.

Some of the features of MS Windows OS such as availability of icons and tools ensure simplicity of complex operations. MS Windows is user-friendly and enjoys the support of many hardware brands for its drivers due to the massive user base.

The first version of MS Windows was introduced in 1985. Microsoft has been consistently introducing newer versions of this operating system. Recent versions of MS Windows are more sophisticated with the addition of features such as remote computing and so forth. The latest version of MS Windows is Windows 10. In terms of plug and play support, this OS is better than others. Windows Internet Explorer is part of Windows operating system and is as much popular as MS Windows.

In terms of demerits, Windows OS IS more vulnerable to malware and virus threats than other operating systems because of its large user base. This calls for greater security arrangements in the form of antivirus updates and so forth. Security patches are released by Microsoft for Windows OS periodically. Microsoft has also introduced operating systems that support mobile phones and other handheld devices. 

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