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Moodle CMS

Moodle CMS is a free, open-source learning platform available under the GNU General Public License. As a robust, single, integrated system, Moodle CMS has been designed to assist educators, learners, and administrators to build personalized learning environments. Its development was based on pedagogical principles. It can also be used in business settings.

The Moodle CMS software was originally developed by Martin Dougiamas. Its first version was released in August 2002. Presently, the Moodle project is managed by Moodle HQ which is an Australian company comprising around 30 developers. This company is financially supported by around 84 Moodle partner service companies.

Moodle CMS has very versatile base software. Its design is modular, making it adaptable to almost any kind of educational site/s. It is immensely scalable too which makes it great both for extremely large organizations and for very small classrooms. Due to copyright infringement and plagiarism concerns, it has been optimized for security – making it a safe software program to use. Another great thing is that it is updated and upgraded on quite a regular basis so that all the information kept on it is safe from prying, unauthorized eyes.

With translation into more than 120 different languages, it is easy to localize this amazing software to make it suitable for the user’s requirements. Using this software, the user can easily create long-distance education environments, e-learning projects, blended learning and flipped classroom projects, and many other types of online learning programs and modules for schools, workplaces, and other sectors. It can also be tailored to suit the needs of both commercial and non-commercial undertakings.

MoodleCMS is built on PHP. It has customizable management features which can be utilized by the user to build tailored learning modules using community-sourced plugins. 

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