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MediaWiki is an open source software program that can be utilized by institutions, groups, and organizations to build a knowledge base. Many of the successful ones are already using this internal MediaWiki to store institutional knowledge and for expertise sharing. This is the most well-known wiki engine since it is used to operate Wikipedia.

It allows everyday users that do not have HTML and CSS knowledge to create and edit content filled web pages in any browser. It supports a function of open editing where any user can add or edit content that the software would write in its database, albeit without the deletion of the old version. The reason why the old version is not deleted is that if there is any abuse of this function, the database administrators can easily revert to the original version.

MediaWiki is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is extremely powerful and scalable. Since it is free software, no warranty or guarantee of any kind is provided. It has been designed in the manner that it can run on a huge server farm for websites that receive more than a million hits in a day. This is because it was primarily developed for Wikipedia and its related projects. All its features, such as performance, compatibility, etc. have been designed accordingly. If a user’s needs are different, this software might not be a good fit for them. For example, suppose a user wants to restrict part of access to the wiki, they may not do so since this software was designed for open content. Also, it was made to serve extremely high-traffic websites. Thus, it may be unsuitable for smaller sites that have restrictions in terms of memory and disk space. In such cases, users can search for other software that’s more suitable for their needs. 

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