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Managed Servers

Managed Servers are part of a service provided by a web host wherein the host manages servers for their clients. This is a sort of expanded dedicated hosting service. Some companies are not too keen on hiring IT staff or want their IT staff to work on other tasks – it is these companies that benefit the maximum from going in for managed server hosting. By outsourcing, they save on time and effort.

Managed server hosting is like having planned support. The client has the host’s support for each and every problem/task, emergency, and even for routine stuff. The control panel, operating system, server set-up, and pre-installed applications are managed by the host. Generally, automated backup and monitoring are included in this type of hosting.

The biggest benefit of managed servers is that the client is saved from many operating hassles- there is saving in terms of time and expertise. Troubleshooting is a breeze since the minute there is an issue, the host steps in with the answers. Unmanaged servers definitely are cheaper than the managed ones, but the lack of services make them inefficient and unreliable. The minute the client is stuck with a problem, any saving they have made gets wiped out since they need professional help to deal with the issue.

In both managed and unmanaged server hosting, the host provides the hardware. Software configuration is only provided in managed server hosting. There are some semi-managed server hosts as well that offer best-effort support. It is completely up to the client to see what works best for them. Most clients ask for details before they make their decision on which type of hosting to go with.

Basically, with managed servers, the client gets a more proactive approach which helps them in eliminating lots of IT issues, leaving them free to concentrate on core business tasks. 

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