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Managed Data Center

The managed data center refers to a data center service which can be deployed and monitored by a third-party provider. This data center will offer the same features and advantages of any standard data center except that this takes place through a managed service platform. The managed data center services can be obtained from a data center hosting provider, a colocation provider or as a service (DCaaS) platform.

When you think of managed data center hosting services, you must understand that these can be partially or fully managed services. When you choose partially managed data center solutions, organizations can enjoy some degree of administrative control as far as the data service or infrastructure is concerned. However, in a fully managed data center, the back-end and front-end administration is done totally by the provider. Depending upon their SLAs or Service Level Agreements, the provider will be responsible for maintaining the hardware and networking equipment, installing, upgrading and even patching the operating systems as well as other system-level applications, storage and backups, and redundancy and fault tolerance measures.

Among the many benefits which managed data center services provider, the most important perhaps is backup and redundancy. When you choose managed colocation services, you can be certain that your critical data is stored in more than a single place; backups are both frequent and constant. Managed data centers will invariably have strict security measures, committed on-site engineers etc. As a client, you can scale your resources up and down depending on your demands; you can lease extra servers when needed so that your site can expand seamlessly without capital expenditures.

Managed data center hosting is popular because it monitors the carbon footprint; when equipment is managed, energy is seldom wasted because equipment runs on peak capacity and idling equipment are kept cool. The provider will always use superior quality equipment and when these have reached the end of their life cycle, they are eliminated in an environment-friendly way and replaced responsibly.

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