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Linux Virtualization

Virtualization is the process of simulating software and hardware virtually to ensure that the resources of the system are used effectively. Linux virtualization is a process through which one or more virtual machines can be installed and maintained on top of the Linux operating system. The process helps in the consolidation of hardware and software resources used by the Linux OS and makes it possible to share them across several virtual machines.

Linux virtualization helps achieve virtualization on a system using the Linux OS. Each virtualized machine has the ability to share the available hardware resources but runs independently of the parent Linux OS. It must be noted that Linux virtualization also allows the creation and maintenance of Windows, Mac OS X and other virtual machines powered by an alternative OS other than Linux.

Availability and capacity management are the key benefits of Linux virtualization. The configuration is independent of the underlying hardware, failure of specific hardware does not affect availability. With virtualization, it becomes easy to investigate performance and functional issues such as outages. That’s because you can get easily get access to the system causing the problems. You can work on an exact copy which means that there is no need to go offline. 

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