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Linux Small Business Server

There are many users, especially small businesses, who look out for alternatives to Windows. This is where the effectiveness of Linux small business servers becomes relevant. Enterprise Linux vendors have a lot of things to deliver to SMBs. To start with, it must be known that there are multiple commercial Linux vendors and they are Ubuntu Linux (the parent company), Red Hat, SUSE, and Canonical.

There are many advantages associated but the most important reason is the availability of IT engineering assistance as well as the best possible technology. As the word "enterprise" is there, many people think it to be something very expensive. However, this is not the case. Pricing is actually lower than the expected one.

On-premise Linux small business servers are more effective than the cloud products even. One of the major advantages of this hosting solution over cloud products is that there is no requirement of internet connection for accessing data. In the case of clouds, internet connection is a must for accessing data as well as applications. This is one of the major benefits of Linux small business server over other hosting solutions, especially clouds. You can keep your data in-house.

If you have server management skills, you will not need to depend upon vendor support. In fact, you will have more flexibility. Additionally, a proper mix can be achieved by mixing paid as well as free Linux versions. For striking a perfect balance between the two, you can use the paid version of Linux for mission-critical services and free version to achieve less important works.

If the requirement of businesses is restricted to basic files as well as print services, a free-of-cost Linux can solve the issue. Even if you need the development server, name services, mail server, and web server, a free-of-cost Linux version is enough. 

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