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Linux Reseller Hosting

Linux reseller hosting is involved reselling a web hosting plan that is based on a web server with a Linux operating system. Resellers of web hosting are engaged in selling hosting plans to clients by purchasing the plans from web hosting companies at wholesale rates. They earn their profits by adding margins on the packages purchased from web hosts.

A reseller has the choice of selling Linux or Windows based hosting plans. Advantages of Linux reselling make it a preferred choice for reselling business. Since the Linux operating system is an open source OS, it enhances the affordability of hosting plans. Linux also boasts of robust support of the Linux community and hence is an extremely stable operating system. One of the important attributes of Linux OS is its broad compatibility with a popular programming language PHP. Linux is not prone to crashing and offers sound stability in comparison with the Windows operating system.

Linux operating is also regarded for enhancing website’s page load speeds in spite of the large number of sub-domains. With Linux based reseller hosting, a reseller is able to add a large number of accounts. The user-friendly interface of Linux also improves the overall experience of hosting. In terms of security, Linux is usually preferred over Windows because it is less prone to malware attacks. The reason being most of the virus and malware are targeted at Windows OS due to its sheer popularity.

Linux reseller hosting is also regarded for its flexible environment that is backed by the number of high-performance applications. Linux servers enable installation of only the required components thereby saving vital space on disks. In addition to the flexibility, Linux OS facilitates one of the easiest and fastest installations. In terms of performance Linux web servers are found to be way ahead than Windows-based web servers. These benefits warrant use of Linux web servers for reseller hosting.

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