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Linux on Windows

There are situations when one would wish to run Linux on Windows to develop robust command tools or for an improved environment of Windows for development. Running Linux on Windows each simpler than the other way round. One can easily set up a virtual machine without a license for software in order to operate Windows-based software on Linux.

If you want near real Linux environment on your desktop to access some of the critical utilities that are not present in the Windows environment, then try using Cygwin. Remember this option is not ideal for running full-fledged Linux desktop.

If you are in search of running some of the common Linux programs, then the good news is that you can download compiled versions of Linux programs by doing the little bit of Google search for ported Linux programs for windows.

Thanks to the development of Virtual Machines (VMs), one can run almost any operating system on these. For this, you need to download ISO file for Linux distribution and install the Linux distribution inside the virtual machine environment on your machine. It is also possible to run Linux operations directly on your machine by accessing unity mode on VMware or seamless mode on Virtual Box. Virtual machines can offer you a broader Linux experience than other options.

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