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Kermit is a set of software programs and communications protocol for file transfer where different types of computers like personal computers, micros, workstations, laboratory computers and more from a variety of manufacturers are in use.   The Kernel software was first developed in the University of Columbia way back in the 1980s as a capability to the needs of file transfer protocol between DECSYSTEM-20, IBM370 mainframe computers and microcomputers.  The result gave the developers realize that it could be implemented on all kinds of systems and the university used the system as a standard desktop connectivity software for use by faculty, staff and students.  

Kermit Project grew into a global cooperative non-profit software development and distribution with its headquarters at the Columbia University. Its mission is to provide a cross-platform stable and lasting interoperable communication software and is now being used in all sectors ranging from health care, medicine, academics, aerospace, engineering etc. across the world. The Kermit software and protocol gets its name from the star Kermit the Frog in the famous television serial "The Muppet Show". 

The Kermit software is being written by various programmers across the world for a wide range of computers and operating systems. It provides a variety of connection methods like LAN, modem, TCP/IP, X25 etc. It ensures that the file transfer is smooth and without any errors. It offers internet and security methods with authentication methods that can be built into Kermit 95 and C-Kermit like Kerberos IV and V, SRP (secure remote password), SSL, (secure socket layer), TLS (Transport layer security) and Microsoft NT LAN Manager. 
Kermit Software implementation as of now include Kermit 95 for Windows 95 and later versions and C-Kermit for UNIX, VMS, VOS and other operating systems. In 2011, Columbia released it to an open source platform and C-Kermit 9.0 was released in August 2011 as a portable open-source scripting network and communication software for UNIX and VMS.

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