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JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

JPEG expands to Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is the most commonly used procedure for compressing photographic images on the web. Although. JPG is the most commonly used platform, other file extensions of this format such as JPEG,.JPE and a few others are also of value to the user in many ways and situations.

JPEG/JFIF is the standard process for storage of photographs on the web and for transmitting them. However, it is not useful for tasks such as line drawings and other textual or iconic graphics. That’s because the compression technique of JPEG does not work as effectively on these types of images as it does on other types of photographic images.

JPEG is a well-established standard and offers lots of software options including some free ones. It works best on photographs and paintings of scenes that have smooth tone and color variations.

JPEG compression objects blend well into photographs that have non-uniform textures. This makes higher compression ratios a possibility. You can also change JPEG files to alternate types like BMP, PNG, and TIFF by using Total Image Converter. It is one of the most powerful image converters and can convert to and from JPEG effortlessly. There are many distinct coding processes available with JPEG. 

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