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IPV6 is the next-gen version of the Internet Protocol. It is poised to take over the current protocol- the IPV4. IPV4 currently supports a maximum number of 4.3 billion unique IP addresses, a number that may soon run out. IPV6 has 128-bit address length while IPV4 has 32-bit.

An IPV6 address comprises eight groups of four hexadecimal digits. The increased address is the main advantage of IPV6. Its 128-bit length is quite a significant gain over IPV4’s – in fact, this allows for an almost unlimited number of IP addresses. Also, its length makes it less susceptible to malicious activities, like IP scanning.

IPV6’s packets are able to support a bigger payload than IPV4, which means increased throughput and transport efficiency.

IPV6 devices are able to independently auto-configure themselves when they are connected to other IPV6 devices. This is a huge advantage for network administrators. The configuration tasks that can be done automatically include device numbering and IP address assignment.

IPV6 has enhanced privacy and authentication measures in place. Embedded into its specification is IPSec Security which manages encryption and authentication between hosts. This allows for secure data traffic between hosts that is independent of any applications on either host.

The deployment of IPV6 networks is growing all over the world.

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