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IPV4 is the fourth version in the development of the Internet Protocol (IP). It is the first version of the protocol to be widely deployed. It is the most widely used version of the IP. It is a connectionless protocol that is used in packet-switched layer networks, like Ethernet.

It defines IP addresses in a 32-bit format. It provides a logical connection between various network devices. It does so by providing identification for each device.

There are several ways, both manual and automatic, to configure IPV4 with different types of devices depending on the network type.

It is based on the best-effort model.

For Ethernet communication, IPV4 uses 32-bit addresses in five classes, from A to E.

• Classes A, B, and C have a different bit length for addressing the network host.
• Class D addresses are reserved for multicasting.
• Class E addresses are reserved for use in the future.

The total number of addresses available with IPV4 is 4,294,967,296, a number that is bound to run out soon. This is the reason why a new 128-bit system has been developed called the IPV6. This system is in the process of replacing the IPV4 and during this phase of transition, systems connected to the internet may have both IPV4 as well as IPV6 addresses

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