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IP Filtering

IP filtering is a mechanism that decides which IP datagrams can be forwarded normally and which IP datagrams have to be deleted and destroyed. The discarded messages are completely ignored as if they never had been created and transmitted. IP filtering can be disabled and enabled for all adapters through one point of the checkbox. IP filtering can be done through:

1. Route Filtering: Certain routes are not considered in the local route database and filters are applied before the routes are announced. Route filtering was applied on IPv4 blocks that were not represented by IANA but the practice has been discontinued.

2. Firewall Filtering: Firewalls are software applications that are created to allow or deny network transmissions built upon the set of rules to safeguard unauthorized networks from getting illegal access and sanctioning entry to legitimate traffic. Firewalls include network layer firewalls, application layer firewalls, mandatory access control, proxy servers, and network address translation.

3. Email Filtering: It can be manual and automate the process of incoming emails managing them based on senders and removing spam and computer virus. Filters are applied to let clean messages pass through while blocking the illegal and spam messages.

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