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Internet Service Provider

The Internet service provider (ISP) is a term referred to an organization that provides customer access to the internet over their personal computer. ISP requires a huge investment in infrastructure and highly qualified team of technical professionals. You must subscribe with an internet service provider to get a connection to the internet. If you wish to do anything online, you must have an ISP. You can do your shopping, banking, communicate via email, and much more.

With an ISP, your computer is linked to the other servers on the internet. The price of a connection varies based on the bandwidth which controls how much of data can be sent from an internet connection within a given period. You pay a monthly fee and need a router for networking. The ISP provides you with package options, username, the password for you to log in and access the internet.

It was in the early 1990s that the internet started becoming popular and was offered in three types of dial-up services, broadband services and DSL (digital line subscribers). However, these have now made way for the fiber internet that is now widely being adopted across the globe. The fiber optic service (FIOS in short) is much faster than any other type of ISP that was in use. 

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