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Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol is a system that allows a datagram or packet to be put on the internet at the source host by a sender to a receiver. There is no direct connection between the sender and the receiver. The packet is split into several small pieces when being sent and they all reach the destination at different times from different routes as determined by the internet protocol. The different pieces are put together by the transport layer and application layers in the correct format and then delivered at the destination host i.e. the recipient.

Internet Protocol is connectionless and without the transport layer like TCP is an unreliable protocol. The connection to the destination need not be set up before transmission by the sender. IP was first formulated in the year 1974 by Bob Kahn and Vinton Cerf as a connectionless datagram service but soon rules were made for connections to be applied and the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) was created. Hence the IP Suite is most commonly addressed as TCP/IP.

IPv4 (internet protocol v4) is the first major version that has now exhausted its capacity and IP6v is now the active version in use which confirms the vast usage of the internet by the people and it is growing each day.

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