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Internet Exchange Point

IXP or internet exchange point is that underlying infrastructure with which the content delivery networks and internet service providers are able to exchange the traffic of internet through their systems. Internet exchange points are instrumental in reducing the traffic of Internet service providers the cost which is measured in per bite delivery price. Not just this but by effective usage of internet exchange points it is possible that efficient routing for the movement of data within the network using multiple paths is made available which brings in fault tolerance as well as efficiency. This characteristic of being able to reduce the cost of movement of data is referred to in the discipline of Economics as a network effect.

The most basic aim of an Internet exchange point is to make the interconnection of the networks possible either through third parties, or by itself, or using the exchange, or it may either be a direct connection. The traffic which is made to pass through an internet exchange point is generally not made to the bill by any of the parties however the traffic which is sent through the upstream of the internet service provider is billed. The constituent unit of internet exchange point are switches of networks which are the facility through which the Internet service providers are able to connect with each other. 

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