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Internal Cloud

An internal cloud is essentially a typical model of cloud computing. However, the special aspect of this model is that the cloud computing model is implemented within a company’s internal infrastructure as well as dedicated resources. Another important feature here is that the virtualization technique is applied in the internal cloud in addition to that of network resources as well as shared storage. This is done for facilitating the organization to gain full control over the cloud computing environment. This is the reason why this kind of special organization based model is also known as the corporate cloud.

Internal clouds are created by businesses essentially to apply cloud computing as well as delivery framework model over offsite or localized data center resources. This cloud arrangement, once prepared, delivers software, storage, and computing services to every available node in the business organization.

3 main benefits of internal clouds are –

1. Reduction in infrastructural costs
2. Reduction in hardware requirements
3. Either total cloud security or in some cases control over the security aspect

Therefore, you can say that there are many similarities between the internal cloud as well as private cloud, especially with respect to the techniques of cloud computing. However, both are different in the sense that organization owned infrastructure is utilized in case of internal cloud and dedicated cloud resources of third party service providers are used in private clouds.

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