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Install WordPress Themes

In this step, you will go to the theme repository. Then, you can look for a website that you want to make via popular and featured options.

Step 4 - Post that, click Preview on the theme in which you are interested 

The moment you hit preview, make sure to have a look at all the features and check if these features meet all your requirements.

Step 5 - Select a theme

Selecting the theme depends completely on your website. Search for one having a slideshow at the top in order to display your photography, or one with your clienteles’ testimonials if you have a business. 

Some things need to be looked for prior to installing the theme.

• Ensure that is updated recently as well as highly rated. In addition, ensure that it is easily customized

• Select a theme that is mobile-ready and responsive. More people browse the internet on their phones and those people should be able to access the content easily

• Look for plugin capability. Make sure you can download the plugins without interrupting the website.

• Lastly, check for browser compatibility. In case, people can access the website using Firefox only, then you will miss most of the customers and potential readers. All of the information should be listed on the page of the theme. 

Step 6 - Click on the install button

Now, you are almost done! Finally, you have installed the theme! Click on blue install icon and it will just take a few seconds.

Step 7 - Click on the activate button

When your theme is installed, then you may activate it. After doing so, you will go the home theme screen. Now, you can start customizing your theme as you see fit so that it reflects your creative ideas. 

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