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Immaculate Server Uptime

One of the critical requirements for a website is it is available for their customers. The business availability largely depends on the network uptime. Availability of a website is calculated by reducing the downtime of a server from the total time. The reduced time is again divided by the total time to get the availability.

Total time server was monitored minus the total time server was down divided by total time monitored gives the downtime percentage. Reduce the percentage from 100% you get the uptime percentage. For example:

In 24 hours of the server, monitoring leads to server monitoring of 86,400 seconds. If the server was down for 5 minutes i.e. 300 seconds.

300 is divided by 86,400 and you get .00347. It means the downtime percentage was .34%. The uptime percentage will be 100% - .34% = 99.66%. This is the actual way to get immaculate server uptime.

Based on the uptime classifications data centers are classified into four tiers.

Tier 1 is a single path setup and assures of only 99.671% uptime with interruptions of 28.8 hours in a year.

Tier 2 is also a single path setup has an interruption of 22 hours and 99.741% uptime.

Tier 3 data center offers multiple paths and an uptime 99.982 % and an interruption of 1.6 hours

Tier 4 is the most reliable with multiple paths and 0.8% interruption and availability of 99.995% uptime.

Immaculate server uptime can be achieved by eliminating single points of failure. It means the system should be able to detect any malfunction and rectify same instantly. It can be further elaborated and said to be replacing a component having issues with a standby component and make sure that the performance of the websites is not affected even at times of failure. Several advanced procedures are implemented to make sure that high server uptime is maintained.

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