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IMAP refers to Internet Message Access Protocol. It is basically a standard email protocol, which stores your email messages on a mail server. The user has the ability not just to view but also manipulate the messages just as they have been stored locally on a computing device of the user. IMAP is made to work with several computers, smartphones, tablets etc.

This facilitates the users to organize the messages into different folders. The users can also have several client applications know which all messages have already been read, flag the messages for immediate action or follow-up and finally save the draft messages on a server.

IMAP is quite different from Post Office Protocol 3, client-server email protocol. IMAP is akin to a remote file server. Most implementations of this Internet Message Access Protocol bolster more than one logins. Owing to this, the end user can simultaneously reach out to the email server with varied devices. For instance, the end user can easily connect to the mail server via the Outlook iPhone app and also his Outlook desktop client, both at the same time sans any problem. The particulars of how to manage more than one connection are not specified by protocol but this is actually the domain of developers of a mail client.

IMAP comes with an authentication mechanism. However, in spite of this, the authentication process can without much effort be circumvented by any person who is aware how to know somebody’s password by making use of protocol analyzer. This is because username, as well as the password of the client, are easily transmitted as crystal clear text. What happens is that in the Exchange Server location, administrators can simply work their way around this major security flaw by making use of SSL i.e. Secure Sockets Layer encryption for IMAP. 

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