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Ikiwiki is a Wiki compiler that converts static files and pages into HTML pages and makes it ready for publishing on a website. It is an open source wiki software application developed by Joey Hess in 2006. It is released under the GNU2 (general public license) and is available in the Perl scripting language. Ikiwiki is flexible enough and supports plugins written in other scripts.

Ikiwiki does not have its own system for storing page history. Instead, the pages and details of history are stored in a revision control system like Git or Subversion. The wiki can be updated instantly through the post-commit hook that is run each time a change is made and recorded in the repository. Ikiwiki allows anybody to push changes into the wiki without the need of having an account. Users can also have access to the wiki offline.

Ikiwiki supports markup languages. All pages are by default written using the Markdown format and all file names ending with “mdwn” are automatically converted from markdown to HTML format. Users can also use other markup languages with plugins. It supports files of all types including images and plain text. They are copied and stored when the wiki is being constructed without being converted. This allows the users to check the images or files in between and link it to the wiki pages.

Users can convert any of the pages into a blog. Ikiwiki comes with many features like RSS or Atom Feeds and can aggregate external blogs and feed them into the wiki. Ikiwiki also facilitates the users to tag pages in many ways like at the bottom of the pages, in blogs and in RSS and Atom feeds. Ikiwiki can also be used as a bug tracker to handle all types of issues in an application. Ikiwiki does not require the users to be online to review the bug list. 

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