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IIS (Internet Information Services)

IIS (Internet information services) is among the popular web servers for the Windows operating systems. It is a product of Microsoft and has been termed as internet information servers also. Microsoft has developed this as their contribution to the Internet server market and is similar to what Apache is for UNIX/Linux based systems. IIS is used to host and provide internet related services to ASP.NET web applications. Its primary function is to send responses to customer requests.

Internet information services were first released for Windows NT Windows 2000 servers and integrate well with them that allowed faster website page serving. It takes the request from the user, processes it and sends the appropriate response back to the customer. It has its own ASP.NET process engine to handle the requests. IIS has a set of programs for constructing and managing web applications and search engines.

The clients using IIS can create website pages using the Windows FrontPage technology of WYSIWYG user interface. IIS has capabilities to set security for specific websites to protect them from unwanted and illegal intrusions. IIS has the scope to increase the site and application availability while reducing the system administration and deployment costs. It has a single window administration concept that can be customized for use by the customers. 

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