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The ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which is a non-profit entity responsible for coordinating maintenance and processes of several databases linked to namespaces of the Internet. The key principles behind the ICANN’s working are to preserve the Internet’s operational stability, promote competition and get wider representation for the global Internet community, formulate policies for this mission through consensus-based procedures.

The ICANN comprises of different groups with each representing a distinct interest and each contributes to the final decisions which this body takes. The ICANN includes the organizations dealing with IP addresses, those dealing with domain names and managers of country code top domains. It also consists of four advisory committees which offer advice and suggestions representing international treaty organizations, those worried about online security, average Internet users and root server operators. All decisions are finally taken by a Board of Directors comprising of 21 members; 15 have voting rights and 6 are non-voters.

The ICANN is accountable for coordinating the management of all technical aspects of DNS or Domain Name System to make sure that all Internet users can find valid addresses. However, some other important issues for Internet users like rules for monetary transactions, unsolicited commercial mail or spam, Internet content control, data protection etc are not included in its scope of operations. Continuous growth and innovation of the Internet keep throwing up new challenges as far as stability is concerned; it is the duty of this organization to work together to address such issues which directly affect their goal of technical coordination. The Board of Directors oversees policy-development for the ICANN. The President will supervise an international staff that works from three different continents and whose job is to make sure that the organization can meet its commitment to the Internet community at large.

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