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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the first of the three layers that together define the cloud computing. It is a self-service type of model that allows the users to access, monitor, and manage the data center components of the infrastructure such as network, storage, firewalls, hardware, and applications remotely over the internet.

The cloud IaaS provider handles all the maintenance tasks that include system management, software updates, component preservation, and replacements if any, backup, and security. It allows the client to focus on core business functions.

This eliminates the need for the users to purchase the hardware infrastructure outright cutting down on capital expenditure drastically. The user procures, deploys, manages the operating system, middleware and software applications on their own.

The users purchase it on a consumption basis and are billed on the utility model of pay-as-you-use again cutting down the expenses as it removes the need to buy resources on a pre-fixed plan basis and leave unwanted services unutilized.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is scalable. Resources are available on demand, as and when the user requires. The users have the flexibility to decrease the resources during off-peak times saving money.

The services in IaaS are available through multiple servers so even at times of failure at one source; users will continue to get their resources from the other sources giving more reliability.

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