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Hybrid Server

There are many types of internet hosting solutions to cater to specific requirements of users. Hybrid Server combines outstanding features of virtualization technology with a physically hosted server.

It is an amalgamation of the strength of a dedicated server with the resilience of the cloud environment. In essence hybrid (dedicated) server ensures a totally isolated environment with exclusive access to all hardware and other resources for enhanced performance and server control. It also empowers the administrator to start, boot/reboot the server as and when required.

Hybrid server facilitates easy distribution of workloads to the most optimized environment and helps to position production, testing, and development environments within the boundaries. Irrespective of the operating system you are using, it is easy to instantly scale up or scale down the resources.

The flexibility of a hybrid cloud environment helps users choose and migrate from one delivery model to another. They can also select different data centers for running applications. Needless to mention users are also free to migrate to different geographical locations.

Combination of private and public cloud is useful for storing business critical data on the private cloud and less sensitive data on a public cloud.

Hybrid servers let you enjoy all the advantages of dedicated servers at lesser costs than dedicated servers. What’s more! Users are also able to enjoy cloud environment for greater security, flexibility, and scalability.

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